Understanding Chiropractic

medicalfreezer1A lot of problems arise from the misalignment of the spine and this method of treatment uses very precise force of very precise spots along the spine to get your nervous system normal again. There could be electrical stimulation, massages or ultrasound used but it is largely a manual healing system. When the spine is aligned correctly, not only is there pain reduction but the rest of the body also tends to function well and there is a resistance to illness or disease.

Chiropractic is a natural means of healing that is based on the premise that when the spine is fine your nervous system works fine too and this in turn helps you stay healthy and pain free.

Stay Pain-Free With The Right Chiropractor

You don’t have to undergo surgery or take strong painkillers to manage or treat your pain because a chiropractor can get rid of your pain and help you stay pain-free.

How it Helps

There are so many people who suffer from pain everyday and this is a form of natural healing that promises relief from that pain with no drugs, no surgery. Take a condition like sciatica, for instance. It arises from a nerve being pinched in the spine and it can be the cause of so much pain and discomfort. When the spine is manipulated and treated with this form of treatment, the pain is reduced.

Our bodies are also the better for it when the nervous system functions normally because the organs in our body can function normally and we become more resistant to any illness. So not only is the pain reduced or gone, but the patient gets healthier all over.

The Stages of Chiropractic Healing

Each patient is unique so he will need to have a special program designed for him and his needs. However, these are the three broad stages that the treatment plan usually follows.

• Stage 1: This concentrates on reducing or getting rid of the pain so it could mean a number of treatments. This stage usually lasts for two weeks though if the case is old or complicated, it might involve more sessions.

• Stage 2: This stage gets you back to normal and it concentrates on your rehabilitation by strengthening your muscles and helping you to be flexible again.

• Stage 3: This is the wellness stage and it concentrates on keeping you fit, maintaining your pain-free life and making sure you don’t slip back to days of pain anymore.