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Six Natural Sciatica Treatments To Stop Pain Now And Can Get Your Life Back Today

Sciatica pain often disappears within about six weeks, but sadly for some of us the pain can last months or even years. If this is happening to you it probably feels like you’ve lost your former active lifestyle for good.

It’s sad to learn:

Some sciatica sufferers have never managed to find a remedy.
Some sufferers reduce their movements, limit family time, social time and “me” time rather than put up with the nagging or screaming pain.
Others choose to stay in bed, thinking rest will end the misery.
Some feel that surgery is the only way, thinking the pain will never go away.

Are you one of them?

You don’t have to deal with sciatica pain all your life, you can stop it now with these natural holistic sciatica treatments.

#1: Chiropractic care

Spinal manipulation is the basis of chiropractic therapy and may be beneficial for up to a year. It’s aim is to restore the normal mobility of the affected area in the lower back, stimulating the nervous system to ease the pain and discomfort. Chiropractic therapy can also reduce inflammation and promote the body’s natural healing process.

#2: Acupuncture

The ancient Chinese therapy of acupuncture where certain “pressure points” on specific regions of the body are manipulated to stop sciatica. Pain relief is usually immediate, but it may take up to twelve sessions to stop sciatica pain for good.

#3: Yoga

Another health promoting exercise based on ancient eastern wisdom. Yoga improves flexibility in the spine and strengthens muscles allowing you to move in a more natural fluid way. You will develop better body posture and balance. Poor body posture is normally the single most cause of lower back pain and sciatica.

#4: Massage

‘Trigger-point therapy,’ in particular, can help get rid of sciatica pain by applying pressure to the inflamed or irritated areas (trigger points) of the piriformis muscles as well as to the glutes and the lower back area.
However, this make take up to four sessions and they should ideally be spaced about a week apart.

#5: Heat or ice packs

Apply a heat pad or ice pack to the affected area for about fifteen minutes to relieve pain when needed.

#6: Exercise

Now I’m guessing you’re thinking exercise is the last thing you want to do when you’re struggling with sciatica pain!

Exercise isn’t such a bad idea as you may think. It can increase blood flow to the nerves and spinal discs, flushing out chemicals that trigger inflammation.

Begin gently with simple exercise like walking for twenty minutes then gradually build up from there.

Doing nothing will probably aggravate your sciatica further leaving you in pain for longer. If anything, a little exercise will leave you feeling good about yourself.

Of course, it’s always best to get your doctor’s advice and go ahead before beginning any strenuous exercise program.

I’m a firm believer in natural treatment for sciatica pain for I feel taking a holistic approach towards our wellness prevents many of life’s nagging and irritating pains and ailments. Prevention is always better than cure!

After many years of painstaking research and study through martial arts training and eastern philosophy, Stuart has gained vast experience of pressure point therapy, stretching and takes a natural holistic approach towards healing.