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Understanding Chiropractic

medicalfreezer1A lot of problems arise from the misalignment of the spine and this method of treatment uses very precise force of very precise spots along the spine to get your nervous system normal again. There could be electrical stimulation, massages or ultrasound used but it is largely a manual healing system. When the spine is aligned correctly, not only is there pain reduction but the rest of the body also tends to function well and there is a resistance to illness or disease.

Chiropractic is a natural means of healing that is based on the premise that when the spine is fine your nervous system works fine too and this in turn helps you stay healthy and pain free.

Stay Pain-Free With The Right Chiropractor

You don’t have to undergo surgery or take strong painkillers to manage or treat your pain because a chiropractor can get rid of your pain and help you stay pain-free.

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Yoga Inspiration

medicalfreezer3Yoga is a pure and holistic way of life that integrates all elements of ancient knowledge of Vedas to make a prayerful discipline uniting the body, mind and soul with the universe.

So here we have for the fun loving yogini, ruched elastic band Harem yoga pants, flowy and comfy, loose, made from light weight & airy natural fabrics that are so easy-to-wear and wash. Striped and patterned fabrics, mandala, peacock design or om prints, the baggy trouser pants are available in a multitude of colors. Pair the boho genie pants with a simple kurta or yoga tees, add mala beads and you are set to ablaze the bhakti.

Harem Pants:-

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Yoga Styles Explained


medicalfreezer2Here’s some of the most popular styles of yoga, explained. Iyengar: This style of yoga focuses on precise alignment. The teachers are well trained and the system has a structured training system that helps to indicate the experience of the teacher. Teachers have a good knowledge of how to adjust postures for different physical limitations. This style of yoga is very “right-brained” and is a good one for people need to understand why they are doing something in order to experience it fully. You will likely only learn yoga postures in an Iyengar class. Kripalu: This style of yoga is more focused on the feeling and energy you feel in the postures. The postures can be

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Why Bulking Up Is A Bad Idea

When you set out to improve your physique, your mindset and how you think about training and nutrition is everything. It is the single most important thing that will determine the results you get. Making changes in your thinking can often yield huge improvements in results. One such change many guys can make is getting rid of the idea of “bulking” up. For years, men have wanted to “bulk” up when trying to put on muscle and add mass to their physiques. Unfortunately this has lead to many guys putting on a lot of one thing, fat.

When I think of the word bulk, as far as building a physique goes, I think of some nondescript type of weight. It could be muscle, it could be fat, it could be water. When most guys think of bulking up, they don’t have a clear cut picture of what the end result looks like in their mind. All they know is that the want the weight on the scale to go up and they want to look bigger. So as long as those two things are happening, they are accomplishing their goal. Even if most of the weight they are adding is fat and water.

If you are gaining large amounts of fat around your arms, chest, back and legs, technically you are going to appear bigger and weigh more but you are not building a better physique. Because they don’t have a clear cut picture of what they want to look like, it easily can lead to lack of training intensity and a poor diet, neither of which lead to being more muscular but can lead to weighing more.

The solution? When trying to add mass to your physique you don’t want to be thinking about bulking up but rather you want to muscle up. In other words, you want to think about adding muscle mass only. This will help create a clearer picture in your mind of what you want to look like. You will see yourself as looking more muscular and not just bigger (although having more muscle generally leads to being bigger). This will inevitably move you to do the things necessary to create that physique (intense workouts, quality nutrition, etc.). This may seem like a small change in thinking. However, it is extremely powerful in changing your results for the better and is a change that anyone should definitely make.

4 Instances When You Should Avoid Availing a Massage Therapy

We are all aware of the fact that massage therapies received with the right techniques and on the right areas of the body can help in reducing bodily pain and muscle strain. Professional masseurs undergo special training that allows them to understand the issues that a body faces and accordingly treats it. Massage may include therapies with oil, the exertion of pressure over the clothes, stretching and kneading the muscles, etc. These conventional techniques are used in almost all massage types with minor improvisations as and when required.

Before you opt for a massage therapy, you need to also be aware of the merits and demerits of the therapy. There is no proven demerits that the body would face after a massage, but if treated in the wrong way, a massage session can be harmful to the body. While you decide to avail a massage therapy, there are certain precautions that you should take and keep in mind.

• Avoid massage during viral illnesses – Viral diseases such as fever and flu can take a toll on the body and the immunity system of the body takes time to let the body heal. While the body is healing itself from such illnesses, availing a massage can be dangerous. While you avail a body massage, the blood and the muscles in the body receive a jerk that allows the stress to get relieved. The process of healing and the heat produced in the body with the circulation can clash and get harmful for the body. Further, there are chances that the masseur may catch a cold or suffer from fever after they have treated you.

• Do not avail a massage session when you are bruised or hurt – There are times when you may meet with an accident and get bruises on your body. The skin may have peeled off, or there may be appearances of blood clots. Avoid availing a massage until you are completely healed. External abrasion on the bruised area may hurt and increase the rate of infection on your body.

• Avoid massage if you suffer from heart problems – While you receive a massage on your body, the blood circulation increases and thus putting a pressure on the blood vessels. If you suffer from heat problems, it is always better to avoid massage therapies as it may aggravate your heart and its functions.

• Avoid massage during the initial months of pregnancy – Massage for a pregnant woman is necessary as it helps her cope with the changing physical conditions. Massage during the initial months of pregnancy on the abdomen and legs can be harmful to the growing foetus as it requires a calm environment to gain strength and grow.